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Are you losing revenue because of inefficient office operations? It’s a good bet you are. And, you’re not alone. In fact, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year.

(Source: IDC)

Managing a distributed workforce without proper technology is costly, time-consuming, and confusing.


Say hello to Proximity.

Proximity is the workspace management platform that tracks and manages your day-to-day business operations… all from a single platform that works across all of your devices.

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Eliminate confusion

Bring your building to life with interactive, real-time floor plan views of office, desk, and conference room availability - connect the tools you use today like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook


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Make better decisions about your workplace and employees

Track building usage with on-demand detailed reports, giving you insight into how your employees are actually using your resources - no more guessing


Increase efficiency and convenience

Give employees simple and safe building access right on their phone and lock or unlock doors remotely from any location as a manager


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Here are some real words from real humans.

"A seamless platform that integrates almost all of our needs in one place. The Proximity support team is probably the most friendly and receptive people I've had the pleasure of working with."

Phoenix, BoxJelly

"The Proximity Team goes above and beyond what Customer Service really means. Humans answer questions, provide help, and root for us. You are true friends. We absolutely love you humans!!"

Kim, CoSolve

"Using your platform is easier than 99% of the other systems I come in contact with. The people behind the work are even more incredible. Keep on rocking, team."

Josh, The Fellow