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Are you losing revenue because of inefficient office operations? It’s a good bet you are. And, you’re not alone. In fact, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year.

(Source: IDC)

Managing a distributed workforce without proper technology is costly, time-consuming, and confusing.


Say hello to Proximity.

Proximity is the workspace management platform that tracks and manages your day-to-day business operations… all from a single platform that works across all of your devices.

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Eliminate confusion

Bring your building to life with interactive, real-time floor plan views of office, desk, and conference room availability - connect the tools you use today like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook

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Make better decisions about your workplace and employees

Track building usage with on-demand detailed reports, giving you insight into how your employees are actually using your resources - no more guessing


Increase efficiency and convenience

Give employees simple and safe building access right on their phone and lock or unlock doors remotely from any location as a manager

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